Piano Lessons for Children & Adults

Exceptional Learning Experience - Personalized For Each Student's Enjoyment of Music

Traditional Piano Lessons

What's In A Lesson?

The most commonly used lesson structure, traditional piano lessons feature classical piano repertoire and fun, student-centered method books that are widely trusted by music teachers. Students follow a step-by-step course that engages them in piano technique, learning to read music, building a foundation of music theory, and performing in studio recitals. The course also provides exposure to famous piano composers and notable figures of music history. Most importantly, students find a personal connection to music that they will build on throughout the course of a semester. 

These piano lessons are ideal for elementary age students and beginning piano students of all ages. Learning to play the piano is fun with a hands-on approach and useful resources. The course is offered in weekly 30-minute lessons for children, and 45 minute lessons for adults.

To inquire for rates and scheduling, contact me here.


The Play-By-Ear Program

What is it?

A brand new and exciting program being designed by Heather, the Play-By-Ear Program is a 15-week course that takes students through five levels of scale technique, melodic analysis, chordal structure, playing melodies by ear, and learning to improvise on those melodies. 

The program allows students to explore musicianship beyond traditional piano repertoire; showcasing music theory in inspiring and creative ways that students will bring to life in their musicianship. 

Students also learn to play and improvise on their favorite tunes, choosing their favorites from my list of classic and modern pop music, hits from Disney and 20th and 21st century cinema, holiday tunes, and even the Beatles.


Who is it for?

 The Play-By-Ear Program is designed specifically for those who want to take their musical creativity and knowledge to the next level, or for those who want to learn how to improvise beautiful music on the piano. 

The course is for students age 12-adult. Prior musical experience is preferred, or at least one semester of traditional piano lessons is required in order to be eligible for the program. If you have questions about your eligibility, send me a message!

When Can I Enroll?

 The Play-By-Ear Program is coming Fall Semester 2018. Stay tuned for enrollment details!